Thursday, June 09, 2011

i need luck

My final presentation will be next Monday
And thesis submission on the same day.

Worst still, I'm the first presenter. I despise presentation, now they give me the floor first. WTH?

Whatever la. Will do my best.

Oh, will you do a favor for me?
Pray for my success will ya?
Thanks a bunch.


Wednesday, June 01, 2011


Today marked ONE more month till our wedding day.

That means another 30 days.

Only 720 hours to go.


Gosh, scary!

Friday, May 27, 2011

My first time

*A catchy title, isn't it? heee*

Yay, tomorrow I will be going for my first conference! Not a huge thing because it's going to be my first tiny baby step! Since it's my first time going conference don't expect me to go across the seas or anywhere further, I will only be heading east tomorrow. Oh, I will also be presenting poster for my study. Tadaaaa...., presenting my poster!

At last, it is completed after some sleepless nights, fuhhh. A hard work it is, of course for me, a beginner. My two supervisors commented, 'excellent', 'perfect' and 'very well done'. Yay! Or maybe they gave compliments just because they were expecting worst? Haha. Whatever it is, it still makes me feel good, even my face is now almost looking like a panda (due to not enough sleep that is).

Presenting my study in this conference wasn't easy, since I haven't actually completed the whole study at that time. The dateline for submitting the abstract for the conference was during my exam period. During that time I haven't even analyzed my results! But, I know I really need to attend because I know this is the place I would gain a lot of experience. Furthermore, during this time I still have my supervisors aka my sifu to guide. As a student, making a mistake means making a progress. Says who? Says me! Haha. After the exam, I still have 2 reports to be completed in a week. 200 pages for each report. Crazy, no? Sleepless nights again for the report before able to focus on my study.

Right after my report submission, I was begging the conference person to allow me to submit my abstract, hehe. A kind person he is, he gave permission! I remembered he said to me, 'No one is forcing you to present, you know. You can always present at other conferences.' 'True enough, but I prefer to torture myself now,' I said quietly, without realizing how bad the torture was until recently! Haha. Anyway, my study just a simple study, but still, it's blood, sweat and tears, you know.

Did you notice, ChiChi in the picture? He's the one who accompany me during my study time. Thanks the one who gave it to me! He probably need new friends haha *wink*

Ok, need my precious sleep. Toodles!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

after 3 months

It's been 3months since we last met.since then, we only talk on the phone, SMS, MMS and sometimes email. all our wedding preparation communications were made via those channels.It's hard, but that is how a long distance relationship works.But, nevertheless we tried to make that as our least problem. We have all the technologies in our hands, might as well use them! Good thing, he came down here to spend with me for the weekend. Yipppeeeee!

Since he's here, we spent our time to shop some wedding stuffs, especially the hantarans. Mine, was almost complete, so we focus the things for him and not to forget our rings! After visiting many shops in Gurney Plaza, he got his (yay!) and I got mine, well, almost(half yay!). For 'school-girl' finger like mine (as said by the sales assisstant), my ring has to be resized. So, it will take another couple of weeks before I can have it (plus a few complications). Oh, did I mention how I love my soon-to-be ring? hehe. It's nothing fancy, it's just a simple ring but I love the fact that I chose it with him. That's all matters :)

Wedding stuffs aside, he needed a book in MPH,

but all I did was bugging him to take picture with me. Hehehe...

After spending a day and half in the mall, we needed some fresh air, so off we went to Bukit Bendera. My mom wanted to come here since last year, but it was closed for renovation. Now it has opened, and I should take my mom here too. The place is lovely, but we went there in the afternoon so the weather was really hot. The parking was a bit difficult, we managed to find a parking spot but quiet faraway and we have to walk with the sun straight on our heads. Hot! Hot! Since it was weekend, they are many, many people there but we did not have to wait too long to get into the cable car. So, it was not that bad. Oh, don't forget to bring your ICs and your student card if you are here because they charged differently for foreigners.

We snapped a few pictures, but since we're using just a normal camera, the pictures were not too pretty. However, I will post them here still.

The ticket.

The transit to the cable car. With air-cond here, niceee

People rushing into the cable car.

View on the way up

Yay, we're up here already

See that signboard?

I wanted to take picture with it, but there were many people taking pictures there. So, I have to wait with 'faster-I-need-to-take-pic-with-it-too' face. When finally it was my turn, I was happily posing there, ready for my picture to be taken but my photographer was out of sight. Huh? Seriously?

Missing in action because he was busy taking picture of this....

And when I asked why, he replied, 'This was then the Sultan of Kelantan.' =_=
Ayoo semangat kenegerian sungguh la fiance ku ini huhu

And then, finally!:)

The stalls at Bukit Bendera.

Great for a very hot day like this.

Us hehe


Okey that's all for now, wait for my another post (might be 2months from now haha!).

Saturday, April 09, 2011

the missing pieces

to all brides to be, what is the first thing cross your mind, when word WEDDING is uttered?

i'm sure, each and everyone will have their own thoughts and opinions and imagination about wedding.

for me, the first thing that came to my mind is...

family and friends,

and a pleasant feeling of happiness.

just two. only two.

those two, combined, will somehow give a feeling, as i would like to describe as having a mug of hot chocolate and very comfortable,cozy blanket in a very cold and nasty winter night.that is a pure content feeling. that is something that make you feel complete, like nothing else matters.

maybe my annotation might be simple, but that is how simple is my first thought of a wedding.

i don't mind whether my wedding is big, or whether my wedding will be an extravaganza event. i just hope that it will run smoothly, and everyone is friends.

with that, of course, i want them to be there, on the happiest day of my life.

but I know that everything that we want, not all we can have. I know that, I know that, I keep reminding myself of that. One thing I know is that my sister cannot be there, during my big day *huuuuuu* I also know that it due to a good cause. When she mentioned that she cannot make it (she's in UK btw), I had this heavy feeling in my heart and my eyes suddenly filled with tears. It's not that I am angry nor I am sad. I just feel that something will be/is missing. My eldest sister is my inspiration, one of the cores of my big day. It will be weird if I do not have the feeling that I was feeling that time.

I even once had this weird dream, I just woke up from sleep, I went downstairs and heard lots of noise. Someone is yapping instructing something to other people at back room downstairs. That kind of sound seriously sounded like my bossy sister (in a good way of course heh), but in my mind was 'Hey, she is not in Malaysia, that can't be her!' But when I reached the room, there she was, like she always is, cleaning up the house while making noise (haha). Seeing her there, made me surprised. Then, I woke up from the dream. Haishh. *Sad*

I am sorry to have that kind bitter feeling, when I know, I truly know that it's due to a good cause. It's a PhD, for godsake! Who can just abandon it just like that, especially when you're in the mid of the research. I know my sister wouldn't! She is not that type. Although she will not be here, I really glad she helped a lot since the beginning of the preparation, and during the engagement event until now. That was done thru thanks to today's technology, the phone and the internet! Anything is possible! Thanks so so much sister!

After I can take in the news, I am happy. Although that my sister is far across the world, she still managed to comment my tudung didn't match with my top haha! What I'm really saying is, the most important of all, somehow she is still near to us, at heart :)

This is one weird long post about feelings and wedding. Big sis, if you're reading this, no pressure please! This is a post just to let you know that you are appreciated even you are far away. No need to book any ticket, coz I'm not paying anything, your sister here is br*ke! hahaha. Coz like I said before and I am saying now, I understand, we understand :). We love you sis! Take care!